A Reference for Intermediate RollerCoaster Tycoon© Loopy Landscapes™ Gamers

The guests, the focus around which the game revolves.

Guest facilities (rides, shops, etc.).

Other infrastructure elements (employees, scenery, etc.).

Game scenarios.

Game sounds.

Miscellaneous (including Monthly Change History).

How to configure your game so it matches the one referenced within this website.

First you will need to purchase both Roller Coaster Tycoon and Loopy Landscapes  (US versions).

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Loopy Landscapes

1) Full install "Roller Coaster Tycoon".

2) Download, unzip, and install this official patch download "RCT-US"

3) Full install "Corkscrew Follies" (on the Loopy Landscapes CD).

4) Download, unzip, and install this official patch download "RCTCF-US"

5) Full install "Loopy Landscapes"

6) Download, unzip, and install this official patch download "RCTLL-US"

7) Download, unzip, and install this Drexler patch download "rctpatch"

Utilities that add missing functionality to the game.

Utility to convert screenshots into TP4 files.

This downloadMakeTP4 utility allows you to add pictures of your saved Track files. To use the utility, first make a "screenshot" of your saved ride (changing the zoom ratio and/or screen resolution will affect the amount of ride visible), ideally showing a clear view of the station. Next exit the game and launch the MakeTP4 utility. Select the screenshot (which saves as a PCX file into the same directory that contains your "rct.exe" file), and position the fixed sized cropping frame over the portion of the screenshot you wish to save as a "TP4" file. It is suggested that you include in the frame the station entrance and exit, so you can see exactly where you placed them (with the exception of the "Hedge Maze", when you save a Track file, the entrances and exits are not saved along with it). Finally, create a name for the saved "TP4" file that exactly matches the name of your saved Track file (so the "TP4" file will appear in the selection box associated with your saved Track file).


Large flatland "Saved Game" for use as a workbench. 

Place this download"desert_workbench_loopy.SV4" file into your "Saved Games" directory. You will now have a at your disposal a 1,746,250sq.ft. flat desert covered park, with $10,000,000.00 in spending money and immediate access to every Loopy Landscape facility.

Thanks Virginia for sending me your site before shutting down.